Project Milestones


Rename the Building

Columbia College Chicago will honor the historic contributions of the founders of the Johnson Publishing Company by remaining the building the John H. and Eunice W. Johnson Center.

Open Doors Scholarships

$6 Million

Establishment of the Open Doors Scholarships for Chicago Public School graduates:
  • John H. Johnson Journalism Scholarship Fund
  • Eunice W. Johnson Fashion Studies Scholarship Fund
  • John H. Johnson Marketing Scholarship Fund
  • John H. Johnson Entrepreneurship Scholarship Fund

Columbia College Chicago Library Relocation & Naming

$10 Million

Relocation and naming of the Columbia College Chicago Library (including college’s archives and digital collections). The college plans to move its library to the first seven floors of the building. The new building decisively addresses the limitations and deteriorating conditions of the library’s old site at 624 S. Michigan Avenue and provides a central location for the library, promoting greater connectivity within the campus.

11th Floor Commemorative Office Exhibit

$2 Million

Honor John H. Johnson with a commemorative exhibit on the 11th floor. We will preserve in its entirety Johnson’s office suite which will be available for public viewing and city tours.

EBONY/JET Sign Preservation

$2 Million

Preserve the iconic EBONY and JET signs on top of the building. Regardless of race or background, Chicagoans and people all over the world recognize these signs as symbols of success and the empowerment of African Americans. In keeping with John and Eunice Johnson’s boundless legacy, we plan to preserve the signs in perpetuity.