Choose Where Your Support Goes

1. Programs

Support of Johnson Legacy Project programming includes the renaming of 820 South Michigan Avenue as the John H. and Eunice W. Johnson Center, as well as the preservation of the two-story lobby and the John H. Johnson 11th Floor Commemorative Office Exhibit.

2. Scholarships

Those who support the Johnson Legacy Project scholarships have the option of choosing from several academic fields, including the John H. Johnson Journalism Scholarship Fund, the John H. Johnson Entrepreneurship Scholarship Fund, the John H. Johnson Marketing Scholarship Fund, and the Eunice W. Johnson Scholarship in Fashion Studies. As the nation’s largest private arts and media college, Columbia College places its highest priority on the provision of financial resources for our students, and these scholarships honor many of the disciplines at the heart of the Johnson Publishing brand: entrepreneurship, fashion, journalism, and marketing.

3. Capital

Support for Johnson Legacy Project capital covers the preservation of the famous EBONY/JET sign atop the building, as well as an endowment to support the maintenance of the John H. and Eunice W. Johnson Center.