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Moodle Faculty Help
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Moodle Faculty Help

Moodle stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It is an Open Source application used to manage online learning environments in schools and businesses worldwide.

How Do I Get My Course/s into Moodle?

To have a course created in Moodle, instructors should :

  1. Log in to Oasis at http://oasis.colum.edu
  2. Click on the Faculty Tab
  3. Click on the Faculty Schedule link in the CX Faculty Main Portlet
  4. Select the correct year and session
  5. Use the pull down menu at the end of each course line to select courses you wish ported to Moodle
oasis faculty schedule

Allow up to 72 hours for courses to appear in Moodle.

You can then login to Moodle at http://moodle.colum.edu using your Oasis ID and Password. Student enrollments will be updated daily. NOTE: Your courses will remain in Oasis.

Download the Moodle Smart Start Card as a pdf.

If you need to speak with a real person about Moodle or Oasis or to report any trouble:

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