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ColumbiaWorks is Columbia's online job board

On-Campus Supervisor Login

  • What is ColumbiaWorks?

    ColumbiaWorks is Columbia College Chicago's online job and internship board. Students go to ColumbiaWorks to apply for all on-campus jobs, but it is also a resource for off-campus jobs. As an On-Campus Supervisor, you cannot hire a student for an on-campus job who does not complete an online application.

    Once you have set up your account, you can post and edit your opportunity, track your referrals, and view resumes of potential candidates.

  • Is ColumbiaWorks a placement service?

    ColumbiaWorks and Student Employment do not act as a placement service.

  • How do I Register?

    If you are a new supervisor who wants to hire students on campus, the head of your department must authorize you to hire and submit time for student employees on the Authorized Hire and Timesheet Signature Form.

    Then, complete a Job Description Submission Form on IRIS. Once the Student Employment Office receives approval, the ColumbiaWorks administrator will send you an employer login to view student applicants.

    Please read the Student Employment Polices and Procedures on IRIS, the college administrative website for more information.

  • How do I see who has applied to a posting on ColumbiaWorks?


      Login here.

      Click on MY JOB: JOB LIST

      Click R under Activity of JOB you want to view applicants

      View student(s) resume or cover letter under PAGE FUNCTIONS

      View student(s) Profile by clicking on the students name highlighted in blue, this is also where you can see the students work schedule or financial aid status.

    If you have any question in regards to Work Authorizations forms, eligibility requirements or payroll processing information, please contact Student Employment at 312-369-8521 or via email.

  • What if I forget my username and/or password?

    If you should happen to forget your username and/or password simply call 312-369-6844 or email us and request for your information to be resent to you.

If you have any questions about posting jobs, resume packets, Job ID number(s), email Columbiaworks or call 312-369-6844.