Recruitment Opportunities at Columbia College Chicago

The Portfolio Center works as a bridge between Columbia’s academic community and professional creative industries, hosting a number of different programs for professionals to  meet our students, review their work samples, and exchange career information.

Job Fairs

Fall Job Fair (Thursday, October 10th, 2013) welcomes local businesses offering paid part-time and full-time work to students. This is a great opportunity to introduce your organization, collect applications, and share information about opportunities. Registration will open August 10, 2013.

Non-Profit Career Fair (Tuesday, November 12th, 2013) highlights arts organizations, museums, and social justice non-profits. This is a “tabled” event and will give you the chance to share internship, volunteer, and employment opportunities with a large group of students and alumni. Registration will open October 1, 2013.

Virtual Job Fair (Wednesday, Feburary 5th - Friday, February 7th, 2014 & in June 2014) is a great way to network and recruit students. Participants offer full-time, part-time, freelance, internship, and volunteer opportunities. Registration will open January 15, 2014 for February Fair.

Industry Events 

Industry Events (Spring 2014) span several days in the spring and provide an opportunity for professionals to interact directly with students in a networking setting. Events include receptions, reviews, and showcases featuring juniors and seniors in one or more programs of study.

On-campus Engagement

Class presentations, info sessions, panel discussions, and portfolio reviews are just a few of the ways that the Portfolio Center puts creative professionals directly in touch with emerging talent at Columbia. We also host off-site field trips to local creative organizations and companies. Let’s talk about the best ways for you to get involved.

Have questions about recruiting and networking with Columbia College Chicago students? Please contact Katherine Lelek, Employment Coordinator at the Portfolio Center, or call 312.369.8612.