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Columbia College Chicago
Peter Carpenter
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Peter Carpenter

Associate Professor,





Peter Carpenter

Peter Carpenter joined Columbia College in fall 2005 and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in fall 2010.  He served as the Dance Department representative to the College Council from fall 2006 to spring 2008 and as a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee from fall 2008-2009.  He served as chairperson of the Teaching and Learning Committee in the Spring Semester of 2009. 

Peter has served as a committee member on multiple faculty searches and chaired a search committee for the Dance Department in 2007-2008.  Additional service to the College includes:  CCC Honors Program Task Force (2008-09), Summer Associate Chair of Dance (2006), OutLook Theater Project Advisory Board (San Francisco, CA, 2007-Present), Graduate Student Representative to the Executive Committee of UCLA School of Arts and Architecture (2003-04), and Graduate Student Representative to the Department of World Arts and Cultures Faculty. 

Peter holds memberships in the Society of Dance History Scholars and the National Communication Association.