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Your journey begins here! Sherwood at Columbia College Chicago is a gateway for anyone who wants to be engaged in the arts. We provide high-quality and accessible programs that are open to anyone who wishes to participate.

Early Childhood Classes

Birth through Age 5
Sherwood takes great pride in offering a variety of classes for young children that nurture their innate musical abilities. Most young children learn best in a playful and informal learning environment. At Sherwood, we create that environment through a curriculum that emphasizes informal learning and play, and by hiring teachers who are trained in early childhood development and music.
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Suzuki Instruction

Ages 3 through 12
The Suzuki Method was developed by Japanese music educator Shinichi Suzuki, based on his belief that in a nurturing environment, every child can learn to play an instrument. Through the Suzuki method, children as young as three master basic music skills, improve listening ability, and acquire physical comfort with their instrument and with performing.
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Kids Classes

Ages 6 through 12
Sherwood cultivates your child's potential through fun and accessible classes in music, dance and theatre. Our kids programs are open to anyone who wishes to participate, and are taught in a playful and informal learning environment.
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Kids Classes

Teen Classes

Ages 13 through 18
Sherwood has a wide variety of Pre-Collegiate class offerings for serious-minded teen students. Teens are also welcome to join any of our adult music, dance, or theatre classes.
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Young Adults

Adult Classes

Ages 18 and up
We are proud to offer high-quality and accessible music, dance and theatre classes for adults of all ages and ability levels that are social, vibrant and diverse. Adults can choose to participate in an introductory class or join one of our speciality ensembles.
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Individual Lessons

Ages 4 and up
Individual Lessons enable students to learn technique and repertoire that is best suited to their particular needs, and are a vital part of a musician's education. Individual lessons also foster important life skills such as discipline, perseverance, self-motivation, patience, focus, time management, and confidence.
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Special Summer Programs

All Ages
Discover Summer at Sherwood! In addition to our usual assortment of class offerings, we also offer several great summer programs for kids that are not to be missed.
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Summer Programs