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At Sherwood, our mission is to serve as a gateway for anyone who wishes to be engaged in the arts through high-quality and accessible music, dance, and theatre classes, regardless of age, ability, or financial means.


Sherwood’s ability to sustain its mission of providing high-quality, accessible and relevant arts experiences to the Chicago community depends not only on Columbia College Chicago, program revenue and grants, but also on you, our community of supporters.

Your generous contribution will go a long way in underwriting the future of our exciting programs and the individuals they serve. Ask about ways your place of employment may become involved with Sherwood through its grants program or sponsorships. Gifts made by cash, checks, credit card, or stock transfer all qualify for matching funds. Contributions of all sizes are appreciated and welcome.

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For more information on supporting Sherwood Community Music School, please speak with Sherwood's Director, Robert Tenges at 312.369.3106, or send him an email at