Raúl Dorantes

Raúl Dorantes was born in Queretaro, Mexico in 1968. He immigrated to Chicago at the end of 1986. Since then, he has been an active editorial board member of several literary magazines: Fe de Erratas, Zorros y Erizos, Tropel, and Contratiempo. In 2007, together with Febronio Zatarain, he published a collection of essays titled Y nos vinimos de mojados with a prologue written by well-known Mexican author Carlos Montsivais. As a playwright, Raúl Dorantes has created numerous plays, some of which have been produced, two of them by Aguijon Theater Company: Hasta los gorriones dejan su nido (2008) and El lunes de Leon Rodriguez (2009). In 2010, his play De camino al ahorita was awarded the second prize of the national competition Nuestras Voces organized by New York based theater company Repertorio Español. Currently, Dorantes works as a professor of Latin American literature at St. Augustine College.