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Become Money Smart

Having a successful financial plan not only requires planning for your college expenses but also learning how to manage a budget, examine your borrowing limits and planning for re-payment.

We believe that the successful student will also be a money smart student both while they are attending Columbia and after graduation.

Here you will find information on and access to:

Loan Borrowing Basics
Resources for Federal Direct student loan borrowers aimed at promoting financial success through interactive and student-friendly tools.

Tax Incentive Information
Direct access to specific tax-related questions and areas of interest for students and parents.

Money Management Resources
Information focused on increasing student knowledge regarding personal and academic finances.

Financial Calculators and Tools
Resources aimed at promoting financial success through interactive adn student-friendly tools.

Leaving Columbia in Good Standing
Whether you've reached commencement and preparing to start a new journey in your career or have decided to take some time off temporarily, there are several steps to complete before you leave Columbia College Chicago.