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Sharp Spenders Series

The goal of our Sharp Spenders series is to raise awareness about financial literacy through programs which directly relate to student interests. The series will include a variety of contests and events designed to promote smart spending and budgeting decisions amongst our student body. By involving our Columbia students, we can not only solicit student feedback and participation, but also use their unique skill sets to document and share these programs by creating short videos to distribute amongst the Columbia community.

The first contest in our series was called the “Lookin’ Fine on a Dime™” contest. Students were challenged to create an original outfit while using a budget of only $25. Our students are extremely fashion-forward so this contest was met with a good amount of participation. The students were required to submit final pictures of their original ensemble, copies of their receipts to prove their ability to stay within the budget, and their answers to six contest questions designed to allow them to reflect on their budgeting and spending decisions. A video was created to document the experiences of the three finalists and can be viewed below. This video was also submitted as a part of our involvement with Money Smart Week®, a non-for-profit series of free events and information designed to educate the public on issues of financial literacy.