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Student Financial Services (SFS) recognizes that financing an education is a collaborative effort involving not only students, but their support networks, as well. In support of this collaboration, SFS offers several services for those closely associated with the management of a student’s account. SFS offers these services as a supplement to student services; and recommends parents and families utilize all of the services available during each phase of the paying for college process.

Access to Information | Parents, Family, & Support Networks

The Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) appreciates the need for both student and family to share access to certain financial information. SFS does, however; operate within the guidelines of the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA.) This act was created to protect student information and data.

To access student information, within the parameters of FERPA, you can visit the policy and procedures section of the Student Handbook found at

Individual Account-Specific Information

Granting access to account-specific information requires some additional steps on the part of the student. These steps are fairly simple and can be completed quickly.

CCCPay is Columbia’s electronic billing and payment system. Students may elect to authorize up to ten Authorized Payers to access their student accounts. This can be done within the CCCPay system, found in the SFS section of the OASIS portal. As an Authorized Payer, you are granted access to billing statements, billing history, email notifications, online payment capabilities, and D2U Direct Deposit options for receiving student account refunds. Any individual helping to pay a portion of the E-bill can benefit from being signed up as an Authorized Payer.

In order to address account-specific questions, the SFS Toll-Free Consultation Line is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. at (866) 705-0200. Phone consultants are available to guide you on account-specific questions and can determine if your question needs to be referred to a counselor for a Specialized Consultation.

Public & Educational Information

SFS offers several tools, through the SFS website, which are available to the public and accessible to anyone wanting to learn more about the process of funding a college education. Many of these tools can be found by simply visiting the SFS homepage at

The SFS homepage showcases important dates to remember, SFS news announcements and upcoming workshop dates, and the Virtual Advisor box; which allows you to ask a question of our virtual advisor, upload a document using the SFS Document Submission tool, or Chat Live with an SFS representative.

The Become Money Smart section of the SFS website is dedicated to providing education in the area of financial literacy. SFS believes a successful student will also be a money smart student, while attending Columbia and after graduation. This section offers free resources, such as budget calculators and repayment forecasters, in order to provide our students and families with the tools they need to manage their financial plans.

Additional Resources for Parents

SFS realizes there are other areas of the college, which can impact a student’s financial account. Some additional resources, parents may be interesting in learning about, include the academic calendar, career resources, and scholarship information. For more resources, designed specifically for parents, visit