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Resources for Students

The Office of Student Financial Services believes that financing your education is a collaborative effort.  Along with you active participation, SFS provides resources and guidance to help you successfully, and responsibly finance your education.  We encourage you to actively utilize these resources throughout your college career to ensure successful management of your student account.

Online Resources

Website/Virtual Advisor

All questions should first begin on our website  Our website is designed to address all stages of financing your education from Creating a Plan, Securing your Funding, and Managing your Account to Becoming Money Smart. If you have trouble finding an answer, simply type your question in our Virtual Advisor who will help you search our website.

Personal Student Account Management Resources

These resources are available to students once they acquire a student ID number and password that are found through the student OASIS portal.  They allow access to personal student account management.  For more information on these resources click here.

Outreach Services

Financing a college education can be a challenging process. The outreach communications SFS provides are designed to guide you effectively along the process and answer most of your questions.  Below is a list of outreach services to assist you in your decision making process.


If you need more information try one of our workshops. SFS conducts specific topic based small workshops throughout the year.  Workshops are designed to address specific topics that many of our students have questions about.  

Examples of workshops are:

To view workshop times, dates, and locations or to RSVP click on the Workshops tab found on the right hand side of each of our pages.

Financial Support Newsletter

Most of the time we can anticipate your question before you ask. The Financial Support Newsletter is the main publication of SFS that guides students on important dates, deadlines, and reminders on successfully managing your account. We sign you up for our newsletter automatically after you have Confirmed your enrollment so check your LoopMail email account for updates.

Contact US

After utilizing the services listed above, your may still need some additional direction from time to time.  To assist you we have designed several specialized customer service resources.

Toll-Free Consultation Line/Chat Services 1-866-705-0200

The Toll-Free Consultation Line and our Chat Services allow you to contact a Student Financial Services Representative at your convenience. Both services are free and are available Mon-Fri from 8AM to 5PM CST. We will assess your inquiry and determine the next steps and best course of action based on your individual situation. No matter your question --this is the best place to start.

Drop-In Consultation

For those students who happen to be on-campus and need a quick question answered, you may utilize our Drop-In Consultation Services.  Student Financial Service Specialists are available for Drop-In Consultation Mon-Fri from 9:30AM-4PM in the Student Financial Services Lobby at 600 S. Michigan Ste. 303. 

Individual Consultation

Sometimes, due to an extraordinary circumstance, you may need the assistance of an individualized consultation with one of our Student Financial Services Counselors.  Examples of this situation may be a sudden loss of income due to job loss or an unexpected interruption of enrollment due to illness. If you find yourself in one of these or any other extraordinary circumstances please contact our office through the Toll-Free Consultation Line at 1-866-705-0200 and one of our Student Financial Services Representatives will assist you in scheduling an appointment. Please keep in mind that the more complex your situation, the more time we will need to assist you to resolve so contact us as soon as possible.