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Create Your Summer Financial Plan

Just as you plan for fall and spring semesters, it is equally important to know how you will be financing your summer semester. To ensure that students interested in financial aid are reviewed for summer aid eligibility and receive the most accurate award letter, it is imperative each of the following steps is completed:
1. Calculate Your Costs
Budgeting for summer costs is a key element in creating your financial plan. Keep in mind costs such as tuition, fees, housing, books & supplies and transportation when creating your summer financial plan. Visit Calculate Your Costs to design your summer financial plan.
2. Select a Payer Identity and Payer Identity Plan
    • After determining your costs for the summer term, the next step is to select a payer identity which fits your needs.

  • After selecting your payer identity, complete the steps outlined in your payer identity plan.
3. Complete Your FAFSA
    • You must have a valid FAFSA for the appropriate academic year on file in order for our office to determine your summer aid eligibility. Summer is part of the preceding Fall/Spring academic year.  In addition to completing the FAFSA for your summer term, it is important that you complete the FAFSA for the future academic year you will be enrolled in as well. Planning for the current term and future academic year will provide you with continuity and a focused financial plan for your entire education.

4. Complete your Columbia College Summer Financial Aid Application 
5. Receive Your Summer Award Letter
    • Continuing Students must complete a Summer Aid Application found in the OASIS Portal. You will be notified of your summer financial aid eligibility via your Loopmail account within 10-15 business days of the date you submit your completed application. Students are only allowed to complete one summer financial aid application. 
*Note:  Summer session at Columbia College Chicago is the final semester of each academic year.  Students who enrolled full-time during Fall and Spring semesters often utilize their full student federal aid eligibility, 50% in Fall and 50% in Spring, prior to reaching summer semester.  The result is that the Summer Award Letter may state there is no aid eligilibity for summer.  SFS has information about other ways to cover summer semester charges including a payment plan, PLUS loan (for dependent students or Graduate students) and private loans.  Visit and to learn more.

  • Incoming Students must complete a Summer Aid Application found in the OASIS Portal. You will be notified of your summer financial aid eligibility via mailed paper Award Letter if you have completed the FAFSA for the appropiate academic year with Columbia College Chicago’s school code: 001665 and submitted the Summer Aid Application in the OASIS Portal.
6. Review Your Financial Aid Awards
    • Continuing Students: Read the Summer Aid Application confirmation email sent to your Loop mail from SFS. 

  • Incoming Students: Review the paper Award Letter delivered via mail. Read, plan and understand the types of financial aid you have been awarded and what requirements are associated with those funding options. Awareness of your student responsibilities is imperative; students who do not understand or complete the requirements risk losing financial aid funds. All requirements are listed in your Summer Aid Application confirmation email, or paper Award Letter.
7. Secure Your Funds
In order to secure your summer financial aid all requested documents must be on file with SFS. Keep in mind that additional steps may be required to secure your aid. If additional steps are required, you will be emailed at your LOOP Email account by SFS. 
8. Review Summer Billing Dates
Summer e-bills will be available in May. Payment dates are June 1st and July 1st for all students. An Account Maintenance Fee will be assessed every month a balance remains. Please visit our Ways to Make a Payment to Columbia page for information on payment methods.