Student Financial Services

Albert P. Weisman Award

for continuing undergraduate and graduate students

The Albert P. Weisman Award was established to provide support for the completion of arts and communications projects.

Deadline to Apply: January 09, 2015

The Albert P. Weisman Award is open to:

  • Graduate students who are enrolled for credit in the Spring 2015 Semester
  • Undergraduate juniors and seniors who have completed 60 or more credit hours by the end of the Fall Semester and are an enrolled student in Spring 2015 semester
  • International students may apply

Award based on:
  • Academic merit
  • Awarded specifically to support the completion of projects in all fields of communications

Award amount:
  • Maximum of $4000 (not to exceed 50% of total project cost)


Contact: Portfolio Center - 312/369-7280 or