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Your Campus Card and How to Use it Around Campus

Columbia College Chicago provides all staff, faculty and students with a recognizable Campus Identification Card.  Throughout the year, there are events on campus that require presentation of the Campus Identification Card for admittance.  In addition, during Spring and Winter breaks and throughout the Summer Semester, a Campus Identification Card must be presented to  the building security officer in order to enter the building. 

Therefore, all Columbia College Chicago Staff, Faculty and Students are encouraged to obtain the Campus Identification Card from the Campus Card Office and keep it with you while on the Columbia College Chicago Campus.

Click here to register your Campus Card

Getting Your Campus Card
Incoming First-Year students will have their ID photo taken during Orientation and then issued their Campus Card at the end of the day. Students who did not receive a Campus Card during Orientation must visit the Campus Card Office during normal business hours. Students are required to bring their Oasis ID number and a government issued ID to receive a campus card.  A government issued ID card may take the form of a Driver's License, State ID, Passport, Military ID.
New Faculty and Staff must wait 48 hours from when they receive their Oasis ID number to come to the Campus Card office; 48 hours are needed to establish a customer record in the Campus Card database. You must bring a government issued ID Card such as a Driver's License, State ID, Passport, Military ID.
What If I Lose My Card?
In the event of a lost or stolen card, contact the Campus Card Office immediately to suspend all card functions. You can also suspend activity on your lost or stolen card by visiting the Online Card Office and selecting Suspend Card under the My Accounts tab. You must notify the Campus Card staff that you suspended your card online at the time of replacement to have the hold removed from your campus card account.

All students needing a replacement Campus Card should visit the Campus Card Office during normal business hours. Your Oasis ID number, government issued ID and cashier receipt are all needed to receive a replacement ID. A government issued ID card may take the form of a Driver's License, State ID, Passport, Military ID, etc.

When you come in for a replacement, the Columbia Cash balance from your old card will be applied to your new one - but the funds will still be frozen. Similar to replacing a credit card, all activity will be suspended on your new card until you request the Campus Card office to activate your account.
Replacement ID Cost
Lost, Damaged and Stolen cards may be replaced for a fee of $25. You may pay your $25 Replacement Fee online with a credit card or debit card by using this secure form. Please print the receipt before you come in as proof of payment.  There is no service fee to use this service.  You may also pay cash at the Cashier Office before receiving your new ID. The Cashier is located next door to the Campus Card Office at 600 S. Michigan Ave. on the 3rd floor, and is open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

A new card will be issued at no charge for students who show proof of a legal name change or who have changed enrollment status (i.e., Undergraduate to Graduate). All other card replacements are subject to the Replacement Fee of $25.
How do I add Columbia Cash to my Card?
Please click here to learn more about Columbia Cash
How can I use my Campus Card to purchase books and supplies?
For several weeks at the start of each semester, a student may apply for the Book Charge Program.  Upon approval, the amount requested on the Book Charge Authorization Form will be applied to the student's Campus Card and may be used at any location around campus that accepts Columbia Cash, including the bookstore, printing stations, vending machines, and the University Cafés.

Unused Book Charge funds remain on the student's Campus Card and may be used anytime during their enrollment at Columbia College. The Book Charge amount is charged to the student’s tuition account and must be paid in full along with all other tuition charges by the payment due date.  For more information about the Book Charge Program schedule and how to apply, click here to visit the Book Charge web page. 
If I Have A Problem With Columbia Cash, Vending Machines, or Printing Who Do I Contact For Assistance?
  • The Campus Card Office can assist in troubleshooting issues with Columbia Cash and department allocated print money. Please contact us if you have a problem with the stored value funds on your account.
  • If you have a problem with the vending machines on campus please notify Mark Vend at 847-291-9216.
  • Problems with printing stations should be addressed to computer lab or library personnel.
What is a Ventra U-Pass?
Ventra U-Pass offers unlimited rides for students on any CTA bus or train during a single school session (such as a semester—a new pass is issued for each session you’re in school). This service is offered only for full time college students. Click here for Ventra U-Pass Information.
Contact Us
The Campus Card Office hours fluctuate during the semester due to New Student Orientation and other events. We are available 9-5 by phone and email.  Please click here for Office hours and contact information.