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The Student OASIS Portal is an online information resource available to students 24/7 when they acquire a student ID number and password at Orientation. Click here to login to the OASIS Portal, then click on the Student Financial Services tab at the top of the main page. The Student Financial Services page provides access to all of your student account information as well as up-to-the-minute announcements, organized under these main topics:


Your Columbia College Chicago LOOP email account is one of our primary communication links to you. Student account and financial aid information, requests for documents, registration holds and other important notifications, specific to you, are sent to your LOOP email address. Check your LOOP email account often to ensure your financial plan is on track and avoid any potential obstacles in securing your aid and registering for future semesters.


Student Account Summary – After registration, you will have access to this planning resource which details estimated financial aid and direct educational costs such as tuition, fees, housing and meal plans. This summary is based on one semester's total costs and is different from the monthly e-bill.

The Student Account Summary includes the following information:
Click here for more guidance on understanding your Student Account Summary
Financial Aid Awards – This resource informs you about projected financial aid for a specific semester. Click on the link for each grant and loan listed to view the status of the award.
Missing Documents – This resource informs you of required documents that must be submitted to Student Financial Services in order to secure your projected financial aid award.
My Account Balances by Semester Student Account Detail - This resource shows all transactions posted on your student account by semester and the current balance due. Student Account Detail is updated daily throughout the course of each semester. Use this resource to view transactions posted to your student account between monthly e-bill statements.                                          


CCCPay - Our online billing, payment and direct deposit resource provides students and authorized payers with access to the following:

D2U – Direct Deposit

D2U is the fastest and most convenient way to receive your refund and enrollment in D2U is fast, easy and secure.

Book Charge

Enrolled students have the option to charge their books on their Campus Card at the beginning of each academic term. During the start of each academic term, students may submit the electronic Authorization Form located on the Student Financial Services page on the Oasis portal. The Book Charge amount that you choose on the form will be added to your semester charges. There is a 24-48 hour processing time after which students will receive an email to their LOOP email account letting them know that their funds are available on their card for use at the Columbia College campus bookstore. Click here to learn more about the Book Charge program.