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Ways to Make a Payment to Columbia

The following are accepted methods to make out-of-pocket payments:


Students - to access the system simply login to the Oasis Portal and select the link Online Payment and Billing/CCCPay located on the Student Financial Services page.

Authorized Payers (parent, spouse, guardian, third party) - to access CCCPay, go to your Authorized Payer Login page.  Please be aware that you must be signed up by your student to access the system as an Authorized Payer. Please go to Authorized Payer for more information.

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CCCPay Online Payment Options

Online E-check payment - One of the best features in CCCPay is the ability to make secure online payments that automatically debit a checking or savings account. To make an online payment via check, simply select "Make Payment" on the navigation bar of the CCCPay website and follow the directions on the screen.  When an online payment is made by the student or an Authorized Payer, the payer receives a receipt via email with a confirmation number.  All student emails are sent to your Columbia email account.  Payments are posted to the student's account within one business day of the transaction.    

Online credit card payment - To pay by credit card select "Make a Payment" on the navigation bar and select credit card.  Credit card use on CCCPay is limited to Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. All credit cards payments require an additional service fee of 2.75% of the payment amount and will appear as a separate line item on your credit card statement.  To view a record of online payments made to your account, select "Payment History" on the navigation bar. If you are an authorized payer, you will only be able to view the online payments that you have made. 

Payment by mail -- Personal Check or Money Order

To pay by personal check or money order, write the student ID number (located next to the student’s name on the bill) on the front of the check or money order.  Print a copy of the bill from CCCPay by selecting the PDF icon on the "View Accounts" screen.
                                                                Mail the bill and payment to:
                                                                  Columbia College Chicago
                                                                   Student Financial Services
                                                                       Attention: Payments
                                                                    600 S. Michigan Avenue
                                                                       Chicago, IL  60605

Payment at Cashier

Cash and check payments only are accepted at the cashier window, located at 600 S. Michigan Avenue, 3rd floor. Credit card payments are not accepted at the cashier but may be submitted online through CCCPay.

Payment by a Third-Party Sponsor

To have part or all of your student account paid by your sponsor, you must complete and return the Third-Party Benefit Release Form prior to the start of each Academic Year.  You or your sponsor must also provide the appropriate letter of authorization prior to the start of each semester the benefit will be utilized.
Student Financial Services also provides with the option to set up your sponsor as an Authorized Payer, giving them direct access to your billing statements and payment options.  
Examples of a Third-Party Benefit Sponsor:

SFS will bill all third-party sponsors, for which we have a completed Third-Party Benefit Release Form, after the add drop period has passed.  The billing is based on your balance at that time and the instructions / limitations indicated on the letter of authorization.
An estimate of the amount to be received is added to your Financial Aid Award once billing has been completed, but your sponsor ultimately determines the actual amount to be paid.
Payment is normally received within 6 - 8 weeks of the bill and is released to your Student Account immediately upon receipt.  If this payment pays your account in full any Account Maintenance Fees incurred while waiting on the third-party funds to arrive, will be reversed.
It remains your responsibility to pay for any charges not authorized by your sponsor and Account Maintenance Fees and Registration Holds will apply.

If third-party funds are received in excess of charges and third-party funds are not authorized to be refunded to the student, SFS will return the excess funds directly to the Third Party Sponsor. 

To ensure priority billing once the add/drop period has passed, both the Third-Party Benefit Release Form and Letter of Authority must be submitted by:

Payment by Wire Transfer 

Payers are required to provide the following:

  1. Student Name and ID number.

Non-tuition payments may be paid online:

Use the online payment form