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Caution Flags Overview 2012-2013


If you have a Caution Flag on your Student Aid Report (SAR), you will need to provide documents to verify these data elements entered on your FAFSA even if you were not selected by CPS or SFS for the verification process. 

What are Caution Flags?

Caution Flags, also known as C-Flags, are notifications to the student and to the institution processing the student financial aid application that either: a) one or more data elements entered on the FAFSA did not match what the authorizing agency has on record for the applicant; or, b) there is adverse information relating to the applicant financial aid status.  Students can have a Caution Flag even if they are not selected for verification.

How Do I Know if I Have a Caution Flag?

A student who has an unresolved Caution Flag will first be notified on their SAR by a ‘C’ located in the upper right hand corner of the report and detailed comments will be printed in the body of the report. 

SFS will send a Missing Document email to the student’s LOOP account.  Students also have the option of logging into the OASIS Student Portal, selecting the Student Financial Services option, and looking under ‘Missing Documents’ to see the complete list of requested documents.  Unresolved Caution Flags automatically render a financial aid applicant ineligible to receive federal funds.

What Should I Submit?

In order to resolve a Caution Flag and regain student financial aid eligibility, the student must submit the required documentation according to the related Caution Flag. Click on one of the caution flags below to view the required documentation.


A complete list of Caution Flags and the documents to resolve them are listed below:
Citizenship Status Social Security Number, Name, or DOB
Selective Service Drug Conviction
Defaulted Federal Loans Federal Aid Overpayments
Bankruptcy Discharged Federal Loans
Veteran Status Match Fraud
Aggregate Loan Limit Identity Theft