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Satisfactory Academic Progress

This requirement is called Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Failure to maintain SAP may affect your ability to register in future semesters and could ultimately lead to your dismissal from Columbia College Chicago.



How do I stay in SAP compliance?

In order to maintain satisfactory academic progress, all undergraduate students must meet the following requirements each semester they are enrolled:

Students are also restricted from receiving financial aid once they have attempted 150% of their program requirements. The maximum number of credit hours a student may attempt is 186 credit hours.

How do I know if I am not meeting SAP requirements?

At the end of each semester, the College Advising Center notifies all students who did not meet SAP requirements via their LOOP email. In addition, students who have attempted 160 credits or more are notified by the College Advising Center via their LOOP email. Students who are in good standing do not receive any notification.

If I don’t meet the SAP requirements one semester, what happens?

Undergraduate students who do not meet SAP after one semester are placed on Academic Warning. Students placed on Academic Warning have one semester to raise their cumulative GPA to at least a 2.0 and/or their completion rate to at least 67%. Students who have attempted 170 credit hours or more will also be placed on Academic Warning and have one semester to complete their degree program. While on Academic Warning, students are eligible to continue enrollment and receive financial aid.

After the academic warning period, students who did not meet the SAP requirements or who did not complete their degree program will be dismissed from the College. In rare cases, students may appeal their academic standing.

For more information on the undergraduate academic statuses and the appeal process, click here.  

If I’m not using financial aid, do I need to worry about SAP?

All students at Columbia College Chicago are required to meet the academic standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to continue enrollment, regardless of whether or not they receive financial aid.

Click here for more information on the undergraduate academic policies