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Questions Pertaining to your Circumstance

During this session you will be asked very specific questions pertaining to your circumstance.

Please be prepared to provide information regarding:

  1. What are the circumstances surrounding this change?
  2. What documentation can you provide to substantiate this circumstance?
  3. When did this change occur?
  4. How much are you currently earning?
  5. When did you become unemployed/ have a change in employment status? (Please specify date)
  6. Did you receive a severance package? If YES: When was that income received? What amount did you receive?
  7. Are you currently receiving unemployment benefits? If YES: When did unemployment benefits start/ end? How much do (or did) you receive per month/ week?
  8. When did (or will) child support cease?
  9. What is the monthly amount of child support that you’re currently receiving?
  10. What is your current relationship with your parents?

After your initial consultation, if it is determined that your family has an allowable circumstance that would warrant a re-evaluation; you will be instructed of the necessary documents needed.

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