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Re-evaluating Your Financial Aid

If you believe your financial aid file should be re-evaluated because your FAFSA does not reflect your current situation, after reading the following information please contact the Student Financial Services office to discuss your situation. 

Financial aid eligibility is determined by, but not limited to:

A drastic change to any of these factors may affect a student’s financial aid eligibility.  If you have special circumstances that were not captured on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Student Financial Services may be able to re-evaluate your need for the current year.  

The following items should be completed prior to contacting SFS to discuss your specific circumstances:

Possible special circumstances include:

Click here for a list of Ineligible circumstances.

After reviewing the infomation provided, if you wish to inquire about a Re-Evaluation of Financial Aid please contact our Toll Free Consultation Line at 866-705-0200 to schedule a phone or office appointment with a Student Financial Services Counselor.
Click here for questions that you will be required to answer during a counseling session.

Please be advised that although you may have a very real circumstances that you believe requires a Re-Evaluation of Financial Aid, the allowable circumstance provided in the Student Financial Service Office’s policies, in accordance with federal regulations, requires that a request for a Re-Evaluation is substantiated by appropriate documentation.

If you are unable to provide proper supporting documentation we will not be able to pursue a Re-Evaluation of Financial Aid.