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Information for Weisman Award Recipients
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Information for Weisman Award Recipients

Congratulations on winning the 2012 Albert P. Weisman Award.  This award will provide funds to support the completion of your project. The judging process is always difficult, particularly with so many qualified entries, but we are delighted to honor your project, and a few others, as truly outstanding endeavors in the arts and communications fields.

This page will provide you with the paperwork, deadlines and contact information to help you complete your funded Weisman project.

Weisman Winners' Workshop

You will be required to attend one Weisman Winners’ Workshops at the Portfolio Center.

They will be held as follows:

  • Tuesday, January 24 11:00 AM
  • Thursday, January 26 3:00 PM
  • Wednesday, February 1 4:00 PM

You may choose which one you would prefer to attend. These workshops will provide you a detailed overview of the reimbursement procedures and schedules, as well as introduce you to your advisor and collect some paperwork necessary for using your award. If you cannot make it to either, you must contact the Portfolio Center as soon as possible; via email at  weismanadvisor@colum.edu.



Weisman Advisor

Each project/student will be assigned an advisor. Advisors are Columbia College Chicago faculty or staff with experience and expertise in your media. Your advisor will help you with any conceptual and (especially) logistical issues that arise during the term of your project.  Your advisor will also manage the payout of funds. You must meet with your Weisman Advisor a minimum of three times during the scholarship period.

An advisor will be assigned to you in the next several days. Your application materials will be forwarded to your advisor. You will be introduced to him/her at the Winners’ Workshop. If your email address or phone number changes in the course of the year, please notify your advisor immediately.




You are required to submit and review your reimbursement paperwork and receipts with your Weisman Advisors. After your paperwork is approved by your advisor, you will receive a check in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

Should your address or contact information change at any point during the year, please contact weismanadvisor@colum.edu.

You must give your Weisman Advisor an update on your project and submit your receipts by the following dates:

  • Friday, April 6th
  • Friday, June 15th
  • (Monday, August 20th: Completed project deadline)
  • Friday, August 24th: Final receipt submission deadline



Weisman Exhibition

2012 Albert P. Weisman Award Exhibition

The Arcade

618 S. Michigan Avenue, 2nd Floor

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday  9am-5pm

Exhibition Dates: September 4, 2012 - November 2, 2012

Opening Reception: September 6, 2012  5pm-8pm

Award Ceremony: September 6, 2012  5:30pm



Weisman Archive

As a Weisman Winner, you are required to provide the Portfolio Center with a digital copy of your project for the Weisman Archives. 

Your contribution to the Weisman Archive (as well as your final submission of receipts/disbursement) is due by a to be determined date in August/September 2012. 

All projects are required to submit a final project statement along with your award.  This will be displayed during the Weisman Exhibition.

IMPORTANT: Late receipts are not accepted. Also, if you fail to submit your samples by the deadline, your final reimbursement check will be held until we receive your work. Do not forget to include the Release Form (if you have not already turned that in to your advisor).

You are required to submit a Release Form (pdf) to the Portfolio Center which grants permission for your digital copy to be included in the Weisman Archive. You should plan to bring your signed release form to your first meeting with your Weisman Advisor.

Please be advised that inclusion in the Archive is a condition of the Weisman award. If you do not give your consent, you will become ineligible for funding.

Please use the following guidelines to prepare your submission:

Still Images

Please submit a CD or DVD-ROM with your images formatted in the following manner:

  • Files should be formatted as .tif
  • Image size should be the same as the original image
  • Resolution should be close to 300 dpi
  • All layers MUST be flattened
  • Large uncompressed files, please

Please note that copies of your original files are acceptable and may resolve the above issues.  You may coordinate a time to bring in a portable hard drive to offload your files.  Please contact your advisor for more information.

Video Images

Please submit an uncompressed copy of your work.  These are a few options:

  • An Apple pro-res file of your project
  • DV Cam or Mini DV Tape
  • A CD or DVD-ROM with a movie file burned (as a data disc).
  • If you created an authored DVD or a one-sheet, please submit a copy of this as well.


Please submit samples as a Microsoft Word Document.

If you need assistance documenting your project (i.e. photography of sculpture, formatting files), please contact your Weisman Advisor as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions about submission guidelines, please contact Dirk Matthews at dmatthews@colum.edu or 312-369-7620.

The digital copy will be due to the Portfolio Center August 20, 2012. Please discuss the details of this portion of the project with your Weisman Advisor.

Payment Issues/General Questions: Contact weismanadvisor@colum.edu.



Final Projects

All final projects must credit the Award by including the following verbiage on materials:

This project is partially supported by a grant from the Albert P. Weisman Award, a private trust affiliated with Columbia College Chicago.

Download the Weisman Award logo (PNG)


*The Albert P. Weisman Award is sponsored by the Portfolio Center of Columbia College Chicago.