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A.J. Sheeran
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A.J. Sheeran

In dreams, a child may go anywhere. Waking life, on the other hand, is not so generous, and when terrible things happen, it can seem like there is nowhere to go to escape the memory. Hard as it may be, the only way to go is forward. Or, perhaps, in Matt and Angela's case, upward. The Treehouse was a collaborative effort between Sam Shapson, A.J. Sheeran and a magnificent cast & crew. Completion of the project was made possible by the Albert P. Weisman Award, the Production Fund Committee, and our many Kickstarter backers.

The Treehouse - Clip from Portfolio Center on Vimeo.

Clip from A.J. Sheeran's 2012 Weisman Award winning film The Treehouse. This won Best of Show in the video category.