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Application Guidelines
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Application Guidelines


Applications will reopen in November 2014.

About the Weisman Award:

The Weisman Award provides funding of $2,000 to 15 students working in a variety of media who need financial assistance in order to finish a significant project.

Basis of Consideration:

Awards may be given to advanced undergraduate and graduate students who have begun a specific project that is significant in scope and that requires financial support in order to be completed. Projects must already be underway with substantial material (prints, footage, drafts, etc.) that demonstrate the concept and purpose of the project. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of professionals in an aligned field.

Awards are awarded according to the following:

  • Thoroughness of application
  • Sense of vision and clarity of purpose
  • Possibility of artistic and professional growth
  • Practicality and accuracy of timetable and budget estimations


  • Only current students may apply.
  • Undergraduates must be registered a minimum of 6 credit hours at the time of the application and during the following semester (Spring).
  • Undergraduate students must have 60 credit hours, or more, in any major/media, at the time of application.
  • Graduate students must be enrolled both at the time of the application (Fall) and in the following semester (Spring).
  • Completed projects are not eligible for funding.
  • Project material/samples must be included in the application.
  • Projects that are funded must be completed by August of the Award Year.
  • All completed projects will be shown, screened, read, or performed for the public.
  • All projects must be made available in digital form for submission to the Weisman Archive.
  • Each project will explicitly credit the support of the Albert P. Weisman Award at Columbia College Chicago.