Columbia Core Curriculum

Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum

Every undergraduate who has started before Fall 2019 must complete the requirements of the LAS Core, which consist of courses in four general areas:

Within these rubrics are 10 content areas where there are classes to complete the LAS Core. And for those students seeking additional challenge in their LAS Core classes, there is the Honors Program.

LAS Core Objectives

Students should be able to:

Core Requirements

The number of LAS Core credits you must complete in order to earn your degree depends on the type of degree you are getting. Bachelor of Arts students must complete 42 LAS Core credits; BS students must complete 39 LAS Core credits; BFA and BMus students must complete 36 LAS Core credits. (BFA and BMus students are required to complete 12 total credits within Culture, Values and Ethics by taking either 3 credits in the Humanities and 6 credits in the Social Sciences OR 6 credits in the Humanities and 3 credits in the Social Sciences.)

Additionally, degree candidates must complete:

Foundations of Communication: Knowledge and Practices BA BS BFA,
First-Semester Experience (FE) 3 3 3
Writing and Rhetoric I and II (EN) 6 6 6
Oral Communication (SP) 3 3 0
Culture, Values, and Ethics
Humanities (HU) 6 6 6/3*
Literature (HL) 3 3 3
Social Sciences (SS) 6 6 6/3*
Historical Narratives and Civic Consciousness
History (HI) 6 6 6
The Physical and Material World
Mathematics (MA) 3 3 3
Science (SC) 3 0 3
Science with lab component (SL) 3 3 3
Total LAS Core Credits 42 39 36