Frequency TV

33 Ida B. Wells Dr., Office C-212 60605

Frequency TV is the student-run, multi-platform television group at Columbia College Chicago.

frequency tv studio

Frequency TV is the multi-platform television group at Columbia College Chicago. Frequency TV is a collaborating part of The Media Hub (Frequency TV, The Columbia Chronicle, and WCRX FM). Frequency’s student staff produces a diverse range of original TV programing that airs on campus and online. Using a wide range of facilities, equipment, and resources in Cinema and Television Arts, Communications, and additional campus buildings, Frequency TV utilizes single-camera, multi-camera, and emerging media technologies to document the Columbia community at large. Frequency TV’s original series explore unique subjects among several categories of programming. These categories provide the framing for viewers to engage with our informative and entertaining video content. Frequency TV’s work contributes to the fabric of the Columbia College Chicago experience by providing an outlet for students to pursue their professional disciplines, and ignite their creative ingenuity.

Frequency TV works campus-wide and in the greater Chicago community to share the stories that entertain, enlighten, and uplift our viewers. Our producers challenge their imagination and inventiveness to create original video content that moves a diverse Columbia College audience, with a diverse set of interests. The development of each video, episode, or series is the brain-child of the Frequency TV content producers. The pursuit of their creations reflects the essence of Columbia College Chicago: providing the platform for students to elevate to the extraordinary and hone their craft. Producers develop programs from their storytelling passions. We support the media production efforts of college departments, campus organizations, and student projects. 

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