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Raymond Meinke




As a part-time faculty member since Spring semester 1976, I have taught various classes in Television such as Studio Production, Lighting for Television, Television Directing, Equipment Practicum, and High School Summer Institute. Combined, all the classes would add up to roughly 700 credit hours. My varied field experience over forty-five years at four different TV stations around the state includes local as well as national programs. Positions were both behind and in front of the camera, including sitting in the Director’s chair, working with many well-known talent.

One experience that stays in my mind is when color television came into being and the station I worked at as a Lighting Director needed to transition from black and white to color. Never having worked in color television before, I had to develop techniques using the equipment the station owned to create a suitable lighting system.

Everything I learned on the job helped me in my teaching role at Columbia College as it gave me practical experience to relate to the students. Being a part of the Television industry for so many years is a direct result of attending Columbia College after high school and receiving my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech and Communication majoring in Television Production. My years at Columbia College laid the groundwork for my further learning of Television production as I branched out into producing commercials and other programs seen on over the air as well as closed circuit feeds.

Instructional Areas

Television Studio Production and related fields: Directing, Lighting, Camera, Audio, Set Design, and Graphics

Creative Practice and Research Interests

Watching technical advancements in television over time and how it will change the way we watch and produce television in the future. Keeping up with latest trends and concepts in television production to relate to my classes.


B.A., Columbia College Chicago 1965