Rene King - Columbia College Chicago

Rene King

Assistant Professor


Rene King is currently an Assistant Professor at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Wisconsin, an experience that ignited her passion for urban environments.


As an educator, Rene King's teaching interests are wide-ranging, covering various aspects such as design, civic engagement, social justice, and environmental attachment. She has authored courses that include "Chicago: The Design of Cities and Social Justice," "InArch Community Engagement Studio," and "Narrative Studio."


Rene King is an active collaborator on the Chicago Pattern Project and the founder of Pattern Squared. Pattern Squared is an innovative initiative with a focus on exploring the places we inhabit and creating artifacts and installations that stimulate conversations about our communities.


Her impactful work goes beyond the realms of academia. She has cultivated significant partnerships with a wide spectrum of civic institutions, spanning both Chicago and her hometown of Kenosha, Wisconsin. These partnerships are rooted in her steadfast commitment to involving future users in participatory design processes.


Through these collaborative efforts, Rene King's aim is clear: to foster enthusiasm, engagement, and a deep sense of agency throughout the design journey. Her ultimate goal is to co-create spaces that genuinely mirror the distinct needs and aspirations of the communities they are intended to serve. Her dedication to community involvement and the creation of meaningful, community-centered spaces is at the heart of her work.

throughout the United States. 

Instructional Areas

Interior Design, Design of Cities & Social Justice, Lighting Design, Particpatory Design

Creative Practice and Research Interests

Design & Social Justice, Placemaking & Environmental Attachment, Participatory Design


B.S., Interior Design University of Minnesota 1999
M.Arch, Architecture University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2003