Victoria Can - Columbia College Chicago

Victoria Can

Assistant Professor of Instruction


I am an Assistant Professor of Instruction of the Department of Science and Mathematics at Columbia. I joined Columbia in 2009 and started teaching biology since 2010. During this time, I’ve taught numerous biology courses including: Epidemics, Biology of Human Immune System, Cancer Biology, Microbiology, and Introductory Biology. I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with a wide range of audience, and the best reward for me as an educator is to help my students to succeed in their chosen fields. I earned my Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from Northwestern University in 2007 and continued my postdoctoral research at the University of Chicago from 2007 to 2009.

Instructional Areas

Teaching is my passion. I've taught the following biology courses at Columbia: * Epidemics * Biology of Human Immune System * Cancer Biology * Microbiology * Introductory Biology I am interested in teaching other biology courses, including Molecular and Cell Biology.

Creative Practice and Research Interests

My graduate research focused on the interaction between tumor cells and the immune system, specifically the role of T regulatory cells in cancer development. During my post- doctoral position in Dr. Olopade’s lab at the University of Chicago, my research focused on breast cancer, investigating the underlying mechanisms of drug resistance in breast cancer patients. Currently, I am interested in cancer immunotherapy and how to bring the research knowledge into the classroom.


B.S., Biology-Gen Bio Missouri Southern State Univ 2001
Ph.D., Life Sciences IGP Northwestern University 2007