Youngbin Song - Columbia College Chicago

Youngbin Song



Youngbin Song is an instructor in Cinema and Television Arts. She is a media practitioner and scholar of feminist theory and cultural studies, with a particular interest in the role of media in transnational feminist movements. Most recently, she has presented research at the Critical Ethnic Studies Association’s annual conference. Her article on Sally Potter's use of film stock in Thriller (1979) is available in the Winter 2020 issue of Mise-en-scène: The Journal of Film & Visual Narration. Youngbin holds an MFA in Cinema Directing from Columbia College, and a BA in Media and Cultural Praxis from Grinnell College.

Instructional Areas

Cinema and Television Production

Creative Practice and Research Interests

Feminist media collectives, cyberfeminism, community media, digital activism, contemporary South Korean feminist movement


B.A., Independent Grinnell College 2015
M.F.A., Cinema Art & Science Columbia College Chicago 2018