The Honors Program provides students with a deeper learning experience. Click above to learn more. See the photographs from our reception honoring the 2014 Honors Program graduates.The Honors Program hosted the first Honors Convocation for new Honors students in the fall of 2013. Senior Lecturer Dave Dolak teaches Honors students the sounds of science. Read the story in @LAS.Have a question about the Honors Program? Read our frequently asked questions.


For all undergraduate students, a Columbia College Chicago education is rooted in the strength of our LAS Core Curriculum. The Honors Program offers an enhanced LAS Core experience tailored to our high-achieving undergraduate students who seek greater academic challenge.

Honors courses bring together students who have demonstrated an aptitude for learning at a very high level with instructors who are prepared to guide them through an advanced learning experience. Honors students immerse themselves in course content, while bringing to the classroom the perspectives of their varied majors. These exchanges between and among Columbia’s disciplines make the Honors Program a hub for collaborative opportunities that transcend the classroom.

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The best thing about the Honors Program is that you can create relationships with students through academics. Honors courses are not for everyone, but if a student can handle the challenge and fast pace of Honors courses, the payoff in learning is extraordinary.