Honors Program


Joining the Honors Program: New Students

Incoming students who qualify for the Honors Program will receive a letter in their admissions packet inviting them to join. The decision to invite a new student into the Honors Program is based on a holistic review of his or her application. If you’ve been invited to join the Honors Program, we look forward to you joining us.

Joining the Honors Program: Current Columbia Students

Any current undergraduate student at Columbia with a GPA of greater than 3.50 is eligible to enroll in Honors classes during open registration. All students who are sure of their intent to complete all fifteen Honors credits should go here to declare honors

Graduating from the Honors Program

Whether you intend to apply for jobs in your field or to competitive graduate school programs, graduating from the Honors Program at Columbia College Chicago is one of the strongest ways you can show others that you seek out greater challenge, crave intellectual stimulation, and complete the goals you set for yourself.

Graduating from the Honors Program requires you to complete fifteen Honors credits, and maintain a GPA of 3.50 or higher. When you meet these two requirements you’ll receive special recognition at Commencement, as well as the distinction “Honors Program Graduate” on your transcript.

If you’re enrolled in the Honors Program and unsure about how close you are to graduating, you can double check your Honors credits in your Advising Guide in OASIS. If your Honors credits aren’t listed in your Advising Guide, you might need to declare honors.