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The Bachelor of Science in Music Technology connects course work in music, audio arts, and information technology to educate artists and designers in the interdisciplinary foundations of modern musical practice. This curriculum focuses on the impact of technology on music’s creation, presentation, representation, and distribution since the beginning of the 20th century while preparing our students for professional musical life in the 21st century.

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When you begin at Columbia College Chicago, you'll enroll as a Music Technology candidate under one of three departments: Audio Arts & Acoustics, Music, or Interactive Arts and Media. After completing your Liberal Arts and Sciences core classes and Calculus I and earning 45 credits (with 24 credits from your home department), you’ll apply for entry into the Music Technology BS program.* The application consists of an essay, portfolio of creative and/or scholarly work, and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

*Students not accepted into the program can continue to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in their home department.


Bachelor of Science in Music Technology

Application for Fall 2017


To apply for the Bachelor of Science in Music Technology degree program, students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and have completed 24 credits in their home department (Music, AA&A, IAM) as well as 56-2720, Calculus I. Academic information will be verified in OASIS. Eligible students should please complete the items below.



OASIS ID number:

Phone number (Please supply a number that receives text messages.):

Columbia email address:

Previous college(s) attended (“N/A” for native Columbia College Chicago students):

How many total cumulative college credit hours do you have (including any courses you might be enrolled in for next semester)?

What is your overall GPA?

Provide the name and contact information for one faculty member with whom you have worked.

In 600 words or less, respond to the following prompt:

How will the Music Technology curriculum enable you to explore and expand your interest in music, sound, and technology? How will the program help you to deepen and develop your work?  See the course catalog for information about the curriculum.

Separately, please submit a maximum of three examples of your work. These may be analytical essays, scores, recordings, documentation of installations, examples of programming, or other samples demonstrating your best work.

For further instructions on how to submit, your application materials contact

Interested transfer students should contact a Music Technology faculty member as soon as possible to coordinate plans. (Find contact information at the bottom of this page.) Relevant coursework and/or professional and creative experience may expedite your entry into the program.

Students study audio, programming, mathematics, music theory and more. Broad course offerings like Sound Art Electronics Workshop, Digital Music Composition and Physics of Musical Instruments let you target your specific interests.

You'll also take four semesters of The Sonic Experience, a course that bridges music, sound art and computer applications. Through this course, you'll explore electro-acoustic music production while considering practical applications and your own aesthetic philosophy, building a portfolio of professional-level creative projects and technical essays along the way. 

Our program combines the strengths and know-how of the Audio Arts & Acoustics, Music, and Interactive Arts and Media departments, leading to a rigorous and individualized student experience. You'll learn in state-of-the-art facilities from faculty members who are leading professionals in their fields.


  • Sound Artist
  • Musician
  • Producer
  • Sound Engineer
  • User Experience (UX) Designer 
  • Composer
  • Game Sound Designer


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