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For more than 20 years, we have provided students seeking Bachelor of Arts degrees with the skill to become creative, effective and successful teachers. We view the arts as essential components of child development and as expansive tools to assess child learning. Our undergraduate program in Early Childhood education, and our available minors, help you unite your love of the arts with your dedication to teaching.

Majors & Programs

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Teaching Artist Minor


As a Teaching Artist minor, you will sharpen your craft and prepare to work in various school art programs that do not require teaching certificates (such as after school programs, community-based arts programs, museum settings or any jobs that work with children). You’ll also have strong preparation for applying to graduate programs in education, art therapy or social work.

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Education Minor


If you’re considering a career working with or for children and adolescents as a teaching artist, counselor, art therapist, media consultant, or author or illustrator of children’s books, the Education Minor can prepare you for these professions. This minor focuses on children’s development and arts integration, a hallmark of the department’s Early Childhood Education program. A hands-on, intensive practicum experience is available for qualified students.

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