Interaction Design, BA

Interaction Design, BA

Columbia takes a creative, art-driven approach to interactivity. You’ll take advanced theory and apply it in real situations, providing user-centered solutions that truly make life better or easier. Sure, you’ll develop your back-end technical skills, but, more importantly, you’ll employ creativity and expression working on design solutions that are applicable to a wide variety of audiences.

You’ll learn and work in a team environment. You’ll learn how to (and how not to) work with others, making you a valuable candidate for employers. We believe in the “fail up” mentality, wherein you learn and grow as an artist, student and person by making mistakes and learning something new along the way.

What to Expect Your First Year

Your first year in the Interaction Design program focuses on building your toolbox of technical and creative skills. You’ll learn theory and start putting it into practice, working on practical projects such as writing a small program or building paper prototypes. You’ll begin building your user interface and user experience vocabulary to become a persuasive user advocate, and you’ll learn how to effectively critique and assess work. These skills will come into play when you begin creating actionable interfaces in future semesters.

What to Expect Your Last Year

In the IAM Team capstone course, you’ll perform an integral role within an interactive production team tasked with solving a problem for your client. This course will test your technical and creative skills and, most importantly, your ability to work collaboratively to get the job done. You’re not just creating a hypothetical project to sit untouched on the school’s servers. This course is all about creating and deploying real solutions for real clients. Past clients include the Special Olympics, Six Flags, the Field Museum and other companies in Chicagoland and beyond.

Detailed Program Information

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Real-World Opportunities

What are my internship options?

Interning is the best way to get real-world industry experience. Our students have interned at places like Bethesda Softworks, Braintree, NetherRealm Studios, High Voltage Software and WMS Industries.

See the Career Center website for information on internships.


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