Theatre, Bachelor's Degree Program, BA

Theatre, Bachelor's Degree Program, BA

In the theatre bachelor’s degree program at Columbia College Chicago, you’ll be involved in a hands-on way in every aspect of theatre. You’ll develop performance and improvisational skills, and you’ll learn the history and theory of theatre and how to analyze play texts. You’ll be a part of a production technology crew, and you’ll study dramaturgy, theatre design, and technology.

Built into the bachelor's degree program, you’ll have additional class options in which you can focus on skills like lighting technologies, set and sound design, costume design and construction, makeup foundations and development, directing, playwriting, stage management, and stage combat.

You can choose to take a teaching practicum if you’re interested in the field of theatre education or leadership in community theatre. You’ll also learn the business side of live and performing arts, which is essential knowledge for prospective theatre administrators.

You’ll have the opportunity to apply all of these skills in actual theatre productions, as our Theatre Department produces up to 40 productions a year

What to Expect Your First Year

Theatre students from all disciplines and majors come together in two first-year Theatre Foundation courses. In your first-semester Theatre Making course, you’ll explore the artistic processes of theatre making within the contemporary landscape of the discipline. You’ll be part of a small cohort of theatre majors from all backgrounds working together in a collaborative atmosphere. In your second-semester class, Performance, you’ll work with faculty to learn specific performance techniques in voice and movement.

You’ll combine these foundation courses with a few electives of your choosing so you can begin to sample the many avenues you can take as you create your own personalized theatre degree.

What to Expect Your Last Year

This theatre bachelor's degree program offers many options and potential directions. You may choose to pursue a complementary minor to enhance your education and learn additional specialized skills. For example, if you’re interested in theatre administration, you may explore a minor in Live and Performing Arts Management. Or if you want to go to graduate school, you may dig deep into Education or Art History.

During your final year, you’ll hone your interests to begin preparing for a professional career or further education. 

Detailed Program Information

Download a four-year plan for the bachelor's degree in theatre program.

For more Theatre bachelor requirements and transfer plans, visit the catalog.

Real-world Opportunities

What experience will I get outside the classroom?

By studying theatre in Chicago, one of the great theatre cities of the world, you’ll immerse yourself in the scene, network and see productions regularly.

You’ll have the opportunity to enhance your education by pursuing an internship. You’ll also be able to work in a hands-on way on a significant number of theatre productions during your time on campus.

What are my internship options?

Internships are strongly encouraged for juniors and seniors. Internships  emphasize having you in a professional theater and expanding your awareness of the industry by doing behind-the-scenes work, such as administrative duties, fundraising and outreach.

We host two internship fairs each academic year, with attendees ranging from prominent theaters like Steppenwolf, Victory Gardens and the Goodman to small storefronts and everything in between.

Our faculty’s strong connection to the Chicago theatre scene and their work with companies throughout the city helps us continually build internship opportunities.


Ready to Apply?

We’re happy you’re thinking of joining our creative community. We work hard to make our application process as simple and fast as possible, but should you run into any concerns, we're here to help at any time.

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