Semester in LA

Sharing Opportunities

Columbia College Chicago | Semester in LA offers an immersive experience that allows our students to deeply explore all Los Angeles has to offer.  One of the key components to our success is engagement – connecting current students with a wide variety of people who inspire, encourage, listen, and are willing to share their time and talents.

It’s Columbia College Alumni and Friends of Semester in LA like YOU that make the difference. Whether you’ve been in the industry for two years or twenty-two years, your support means the world to a Semester In LA (SiLA) student.  How can you share your knowledge and insight?

  • Hire an Intern
  • Host a Workplace Visit (virtual or in-person)
  • Become a Mentor
  • Speak to a Class
  • Participate as a 1:1 Mock Interviewer
  • Attend SiLA Events
  • Share Job Listings or Announcements on our social media

Become involved!  Help Los Angeles-based students and recent grads rise up through the ranks, just like you did.

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Visit or complete this online form to help us connect you with our students. 

Opportunities for Involvement

Hire A SiLA Student for an Internship

Do you remember how valuable it was to get your foot in the door in the entertainment industry as an intern? Open the door for a current student.  Columbia College Chicago students receive college credit for their internships.  If you are interested in offering an internship opportunity, please contact:

Michelle West, Program Manager,

Host a Workplace Visit

Alumni, parents and friends play a critical role in complementing the Semester in LA student experience. If you would like to take SiLA students on a tour of your creative space or office (size of group flexible), invite them on set, do a screening and talkback, or more, please contact:

Karen Loop, Associate Dean,

Become a Mentor or Mock Interviewer

The SiLA mentor program is designed to give current Los Angeles-based students the opportunity to connect with an alum who has weathered, survived, and hopefully, thrived, in Los Angeles. There are no rules except we ask you to meet at least twice during the semester. You can let us know your preferences as to what type of student you would like to mentor.

Don’t have time to mentor, how about donating one-hour and participating in a mock interview in your field? Ask students the questions they are most likely to encounter on their first job interview. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact:

Karen Loop, Associate Dean,

Speak to a SiLA Class or on a Panel

There are ample opportunities to connect with SiLA students by speaking to them in our LA Speakers Series Class or a specialty class. In addition, we often host panels built around targeted subjects and/or craft.  Our students always appreciate the advice they hear from working professionals in the entertainment industry. Want to learn more?

Karen Loop, Associate Dean,

Attend a SiLA Networking Event or Share An Announcement

Do you remember how challenging it was at the beginning of your career to put yourself out there? Our SiLA Networking Events provide students the opportunity to hone their networking skills and make meaningful connections. Your participation is pivotal—who knows, you might find your next assistant, or future collaborator!

Or have a job listing or announcement relevant to our current students and/or recent graduates?  Let us help post it by spreading the work on SiLA’s social network.

Kaiy Watts, Administrative Assistant,