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WCRX Request line

If you have a question about a song or just want to hear one, text us in studio at (312) 663 3512 or email us at


Submit your Public Service Announcements to WCRXFM

WCRX-FM 88.1 Chicago serves the interests of the community. Send us your community event (501 nonprofits) information at least three weeks in advance to:
WCRX Radio Public Service Department
33 East Congress Pkwy, Chicago, IL. 60605

Helpful Tips

• Basic details of your event
• Typed/double-spaced/one page
• No descriptive information (PSA's are usually 30 seconds or less in length)
• Pronunciation of difficult names
• Contact person/phone number (in case we have questions)


WCRXFM Studios
33 East Congress Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60605


Matt Cunningham - General Manager

Music and Programming Inquiries