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ISSN # 2168-3301fall 2013 | Volume 26, No. 2

Social Media Intern Develops a New Strategy for the CBMR

Jasmine Browley, a graduate student at Columbia College Chicago, has begun work as a new social media intern with the responsibility to help the CBMR develop a comprehensive social media strategy that will create greater awareness of the Center’s activities, collections, and programming. Browley’s work began by engaging the digital community with the CBMR-sponsored Black Vocality Symposium, for which she provided an Instagram live stream—a first for the CBMR—and created a Storify compilation of the conference posts. Browley is an avid social media user herself, and has already introduced the Center to new channels of communication and engagement, particularly those that appeal to students and other young adults. She and her supervisor, CBMR Digital Librarian Laurie Lee Moses, work with the CBMR staff to create conversations and content and to implement and refine the Center’s overall strategy to digitally connect with its extended and broadly diverse constituency and with the Columbia College community.

Browley holds a bachelors degree in psychology from Chicago State University and is pursuing a graduate degree in journalism at Columbia College Chicago. She is also a public relations intern at Johnson Publishing, and a contributing writer to UptownMagazine.com, Ndigo Maga-paper, and the popular blog ChicagoNow.com/SixBrownChicks.com, which is featured on the OWN network. Browley maintains her own blog, TheRnBBlog.com, which features entertainment articles, videos, and images devoted to the R&B genre.

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