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Latest Issue: Fall 2014

ISSN # 2168-3301fall 2013 | Volume 26, No. 2

Student Workers

CBMR Student worker Cory Herberger staffed the CBMR resource table at Columbia College Chicago’s fall 2013 Student New Orientation.

Jasmine Browley, whose work as the CBMR’s social media intern is featured in this issue, holds a bachelors degree in psychology from Chicago State University and is pursuing a graduate degree in journalism at Columbia College Chicago. She is also a public relations intern at Johnson Publishing, and a contributing writer to UptownMagazine.com, Ndigo Maga-paper, and the popular blog ChicagoNow.com/SixBrownChicks.com, which is featured on the OWN network. Browley maintains her own blog, TheRnBBlog.com, which features entertainment articles, videos, and images devoted to the R&B genre.

The CBMR welcomes new work study aide Michael Smith, who is a junior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in Musical Theatre Performance. He sings with the Jazz Choir, the Gospel Choir, and the Gospel Ensemble.

Cherizar Elizabeth Winke has joined the CBMR as a student work aide. She is a student at Columbia College Chicago majoring in both Live Sound Reinforcement and English Literature, and she is an independent part-time writer for Don’t Touch Recordings (U.K.). Her personal research interests include how modern jazz has evolved through various compositional principles. She also has a strong interest in the ties between African music and the blues and is working to compile material for a biography of Ugandan musician Geoffrey Oryema.

Kathlene Boone, a Columbia College master’s student in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management, joined the CBMR team this summer as a special projects intern. She helped build and implement a system that will streamline the work of the Black Music Research Journal editorial team. Photo by Collin Richie.

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