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Latest Issue: Fall 2014

ISSN # 2168-3301spring 2014 | Volume 27, No. 1

Inaugural CBMR Faculty Fellowship Concludes with Exhibitions

In keeping with the impetus behind its design, the CBMR Faculty Fellowship is proving to be a space in which innovative, cross-disciplinary, and student-driven work can thrive. Inaugural Fellow Fo Wilson’s CBMR Research Studio class presented three events that provided public access to the accomplishments of Wilson and her students.

On Thursday, February 13, the class participated in a Columbia College campus-wide open house as a component of the annual conference of the College Art Association. Students from Wilson’s course mounted an exhibit at the CBMR simultaneously  with a second CBMR exhibit that highlighted artists who have used the CBMR archives as inspiration for their artwork, including dancer Reggie Wilson, performance artist avery r. young, filmmaker Jim Carrier, saxophonist and composer Geof Bradfield, and composer Trevor Weston. 

On Thursday, March 20, Wilson’s class participated in an international live online symposium produced by Waterwheel project, which is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. For this live webcast, the students produced a video titled “Deep like the Rivers: A Media-Rich Contemporary Mixtape” that was broadcast via the Waterwheel project, then followed by live video commentaries by Wilson, her students, invited guests, and CBMR staff members. Symposium participants and observers from around the world then contributed comments and interacted with Wilson and her students. Others were able to participate via texting in a live chat room. The entire event was documented and archived on the Waterwheel Website, including the video, screen captures, and the concluding discussion among participants from around the world.

The semester-long class culminated with a multimedia exhibition titled “Wading in the Water of the Sweet Forever” that was installed at Wilson’s studio in Chicago on May 16. The exhibit, which was open to the public, featured the collaborative work of participating students Sara Colbert, Janelle Vaughn Dowell, Andrea Mikeska, Cristabel Tapia, and JJ McNeal. It featured sound, music, video, performance, and a powerful neo praise house structure that was designed and built by the class. The exhibit explored the importance of water as a spiritual, cultural, and historical connector across cultures.

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