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Make an appointment online!

Appointments are encouraged to ensure that a librarian will be here to assist you. We'll introduce you to the Center and all of the resources that are freely available to you. Staff will help you find what you need, from primary or secondary sources such as books, magazines, articles, photographs, sheet music and scores, recordings, oral history interviews, and archival collections.

CBMR staff can offer expertise and reference help for course projects and personal research, as well as basic repertoire search. In-depth and advanced research assistance is available from our Research Fellow, Melanie Zeck. To use our collection of thousands of legacy vinyl and tape recordings, set up a staff-assisted listening session! Or make a shorter appointment to discover and listen to CDs and other audio-visuals on your own.

You are welcome to stay as long as you like during open hours to continue your work, to listen or view on your own, and to browse the collections.