Notice to Students Concerning Penalties for Drug Violations

Students who are convicted of any offense under federal or state law  involving the sale or possession of a controlled substance during a period of enrollment at a post-secondary institution while receiving Federal Student Aid funds is not eligible to receive future federal or state grants, loans, or work-study assistance.

Students convicted of an offense are subject to an ineligibility period for federal and state financial aid programs:

Possession of an Illegal Substance
First Offense: one year from date of conviction
Second Offense: two years from date of conviction
Third Offense and beyond: indefinite period

Sale of an Illegal Substance
First Offense: two years from date of conviction
Second Offense: indefinite period

Any student who becomes ineligible for federal or state aid due to a drug conviction will be notified of his/her loss of eligibility.

In order to regain eligibility after conviction prior to the stated ineligibility period OR for those students whose ineligibility period remains indefinite, a student may complete a qualified drug rehabilitation program that includes at least two unannounced drug tests and satisfies at least one of the following requirements:

If you have questions or concerns regarding your eligibility for federal or state funds as a result of a drug conviction while receiving Federal Student Aid, please contact Columbia Central.

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