Tuition and Fees 2022-23

This section allows for a quick scan of Columbia College Chicago’s direct costs. These are fixed costs such as tuition and fees for the current year. Please note that housing costs are also fixed. 

Student status is calculated by the number of credit hours registered, where full time is 12-18 credit hours and part time is less than 12 credit hours.

Note: Students who never begin attendance in any course for the term and who fail to properly drop their courses during the add/drop period may have their schedules cancelled by the Office of the Registrar. At Columbia’s discretion, a fee of $75 per credit hour may be assessed to cover the administrative costs associated with the student’s failure to properly drop their course schedule.

2022-23 Full-time Undergraduate tuition cost only, annual $29,270
2022-23 Full-time Undergraduate tuition and fees, fall and spring semesters* Costs
Tuition - Full-time; 12-18 credits $14,635
Fees - Full-time; 12 or more credits (flat per-semester) $725
U-Pass fee (full-time students only)** $153

These costs show tuition and fees for full-time undergraduate students at Columbia College Chicago, including degree programs, certificate programs, and students-at-large. The cost of each additional credit hour over 18 is $740, per credit. For part-time students, please see below for specific costs.

*Costs are per semester, unless otherwise noted.

**Estimated cost for 2022-23; final cost is pending Chicago Transit Authority approval.

2022-23 Part-time undergraduate student costs (fall and spring semesters) Costs
Tuition rate, per credit hour $1,011
Fees (flat per semester) $435
Summer session (students also pay registration, activity, and Health Center fees)
Tuition rate, each credit hour $740
Fees (flat per semester) $435
U-Pass fee (full-time students only)* $115

*Estimated cost for 2022-23; final cost is pending Chicago Transit Authority approval.

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