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Cover Art

Dancing in the Basement, found photograph from the collection of Gillian McCain.


Senior Editors

Harley Anastasia Chapman
Morgan Peacock


Ju'Juan Day
Darcy Dillon
Maya Fuller
Jalen Isley
Lee Johnson
Katie Lynn Johnston
Gillian Marwood
Sara McNally
Lauren Pious
Jaida Page Smigielski
Jackson V. Smith
Lily Someson
Annella Thomas
Danielle Uppleger
Lauren Young

Managing Editor 

Cora Jacobs

Faculty Advisor 

David Trinidad


No. 32, Spring 2019

Featuring work by: Misha Collins, Amy Gerstler, Ron Koertge, Bernadette Mayer, D.A. Powell, and many more.



Misha Collins

Amy Gerstler 
My Ego

Ron Koertge
Jane Austin at the Mall

Bernadette Mayer
The Dressing Gong

D.A. Powell
Pumpkin Spice is Not Scary. Scary Spice is Not Smashing Pumpkins


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