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Cover Art

Louie Otesanek, To become the sea I died. . ., oil on canvas, 2014

Managing Editor 

Cora Jacobs


Matthew DeMarco
Elizabeth Forsythe 
Jan-Henry Gray
Evan Kleekamp

Editorial Board 

Saku Egon Evon
David Fairbanks 
Doe Parker
Kelsey Hoff
Luther Hughes
Chrissy Martin
Dan "Sully" Sullivan
Brandon Lee Vear

Faculty Advisor

Tony Trigilio

No. 29, Spring 2016

Featuring work by: Anselm Berrigan, Maxine Chernoff, Sandra Kohler, Fred Moten, Danez Smith, and many more.

Sample Work

Anselm Berrigan 

Maxine Chernoff 

Sandra Kohler

Fred Moten
every saturday night

Danez Smith
I love me some him

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