CPR25-Cover267x401.jpgno. 25

Time Traveler's Potlatch

Elaine Equi

For Rousseau: A leopard of multi-colored spots. 

For Edward Hopper: A perfect piece of lemon meringue pie in a diner at midnight where
the only other customer is Greta Garbo reading a book.

For John Cage: 7 empty birdcages, each corresponding to a musical note. Some are
elaborate Victorian wicker affairs; some of simple bamboo. 

For Nate Hawthorne: An electric train, a board game based on the Salem witch trials,
and a bottle of fine sherry. 

For T.S. Eliot: A crate of peaches with a note that reads: "I dare you." 

For Laura Riding: A dictionary and a whip. 

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