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Issue 8
Fall 2018
Columbia College Chicago

What’s Your
Favorite Sound?

Illustrator Jackson McRaven   Writer Ben Hullinger + Emma Jackson   Design + Direction Ben Hullinger

A kitten purring. Leaves rustling. Bacon sizzling in a pan. Although we may not pay much attention to it, we experience millions of sounds every day. They may seem minor, and we may even take them for granted. But woven together, the noises we encounter every day create the soundtrack to our lives.

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“Rain. I love the rain. I have an office with two walls of windows and when it rains I get so much work done. Also leaves moving in the wind. They remind me of crisp air and fall colors.” —Damian

“The sound of my mom’s humming. It’s really soft and pretty. I always feel relaxed and at home when I hear her humming along to jazz when she’s cooking.” —Bailee

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“I have a sweet spot for the sound of waves splashing, the hum of a fan, the rustle of a city, and the sound of trains passing by.” —Esther

“I love the sound dogs make when they get comfortable and make a big sigh. Also the sound of me typing, it sounds like getting stuff done. Also Metallica.” —Nick

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How’s that sound?

We experience sounds all around us every day, often without thinking about it. Few people take the time to appreciate each and every sound during the day, but imagine what life would be like if those familiar noises began to disappear. By taking time to reflect on the sounds that have such a powerful effect on our lives, we can train ourselves to listen more to the world around us.