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Issue 8
Fall 2018
Columbia College Chicago

FRANK Magazine Issue 8

We are proud to provide you an insider's view on social issues within the Columbia College Chicago community. Scroll for articles.

Article 01

Culture Shock

Young creatives in the workforce discuss the microaggressions they face as minorities.

Jordan Clay
Article 02

Far + Farther

Three international students at Columbia share their journeys to the U.S., challenges and advice for other exchange students.

Article 03

Fashion Showcase

The FRANK team chose three fashion design students to create mini collections for an editorial photoshoot.

Article 04

Instagram Influencers

Read about how three social media lovers use their platforms to influence their followers.

Article 05

Love. The Millenial Way

Do you actively seek love or do you wait for it to find you?

Article 06

Sensory Sounds

What sounds mean the most to you? The FRANK team shares some of their favorite sounds and their importance.

Article 07

Nightmares on Campus

Columbia students share their scariest nightmares and the moments that haunt them.

FRANK Magazine Issue 8

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