Associate Professor Fo Wilson Awarded Artist Residency

Art and Art History Associate Professor Fo Wilson has been awarded an Arts/Industry residency from the John Michael Kohler Arts Center for 2018. Wilson is one of 17 artists chosen from over 400 applicants for the residency program, now in its 45th year. 

Wilson’s work repositions historical objects and aesthetics in a contemporary context and offers audiences new ways of thinking about and interacting with history. She looks forward to having access to John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s industrial foundries and expertise for her two-month stay next spring, and is excited to create a new body of work.

Central to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s mission is promoting the understanding and appreciation of the work of self-taught and contemporary artists through original exhibitions, commissioned works of art, performing arts programs, community arts initiatives, and publications. Artists-in-residence work in studios in the Pottery and/or Foundry at the Kohler Co. factory. Artists are encouraged to let the industrial environment and process influence their creative practice. Upon completion of their residencies, artists are required to donate two pieces of their work, one for Kohler Co. and one for the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.